Our Story

Single Origin Chocolate Brighton

From a childhood obsession with food to my very first words when my dad reached across to take my favourite treat from me. I told him suddenly, ‘that’s my chocolate’ cocoacrystal is now an unstoppable passion, culminating in a delicious selection of single origin bonbons and bars, delicate thins and exciting events. Everything is completely handmade, tempered on natural marble using carefully sourced ingredients and selected for flavour, place of origin, sustainability, story and history. When I work with chocolate I like to touch, look closely and feel the changes happening. Like any craft, it’s about noticing the subtle beauty and nuances of the materials, using them to spark the imagination and enhance the experience. I have had to learn to be patient with chocolate, develop each technique slowly and thoroughly and not get carried away with the endless possibilities. I believe that chocolate should be a rare luxury, a delicacy. It should be dark, grown naturally and be used as unprocessed as possible to celebrate this amazingly diverse, powerful and nutritious ingredient.  With over 10 years of experience in events, hospitality and crafting chocolate – you won’t be disappointed with our service whether you’re buying a gift, coming along to a workshop or booking a private party of your own.