How it works

A cold glass of Prosecco is included for every guest in your ticket price

1. Start with simple, quality ingredients

2. Add marble

It’s the natural marble slabs you’ll use to temper your chocolate that make our real chocolate workshops such a special treat. The stone has high thermal mass, which allows it to retain its temperature more easily than other materials. It takes the heat from your chocolate whilst staying cool. Be like marble, marble is cool Be like marble. Marble is cool.

3. Remix the crystals

Get messy and have fun using your new knowledge and professional tools to remix your batch into real chocolate... this is called tempering. You'll be using the traditional method of table tempering and leave with a clear understanding of the science behind this process It's harder than it sounds and lots can go wrong at this stage, however your friendly expert tutor will be on hand to guide you through and rescue any disasters!

4. Customise & Pour

Add natural colour and flavoured oils to create your own selection of moulded CocoaCrystal bonbons Every ingredient is organic, natural and delicious without any additives or animal products

5. Pop & Package

While your beautiful bars and chocolates are setting, we take some time for facts and stories from the fascinating world of chocolate and any questions you might have After this you'll package up your treats in our biodegradable CocoaCrystal chocolate boxes and wraps - we don't use ANY single use plastics so you won't see any pesky cellophane or plastic boxes here